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As an innovative and practical musician, Mitchell has developed a handful of clinic and masterclass topics that will help your music program grow. Mitchell understands the value of touching on technical approaches to percussion as well as challenging the students to expand their musical minds and think outside the box. Mitchell has given multiple clinics and masterclasses that focus on anything from detailed approaches to concert percussion techniques, the importance of what music you choose and how you order it when crafting a performance program, and more wide range topics like the importance of not limiting your musical abilities. A class with Mitchell will open the minds of your students and leave them with new material to think about and try out for themselves in their own practice!


Mitchell is just as enthusiastic about educating aspiring musicians as he is about performing and creating music. As an experienced music educator, Mitchell has developed his own approach to teaching lessons one-on-one, in small groups, and online. Most importantly, he strives to create a learning environment where his students feel comfortable and inspired to learn. Everyone learns differently, so Mitchell knows the importance of catering to students as individuals by being able to explain and demonstrate new concepts and skills in a variety of different ways to find what works best for you!

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